Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sway ft Kano & Tigger Da Author - Still Sway & Kane -

I remember a summer back in 2000 when at every traffic light or in every car that passed you seemed to hear the ominous piano chords of Still D.R.E. SOunds like Sway and Kano have as fond memories of that summer as I do as they have sampled that amazing tune for the first single off Sway's forthcoming album. With the dubstep style drums and extra melodies it feels a bit more hyped up than Dre's version, but there is something cool about this song in that it pays tribute to the original, but keeps it British. As always Kano does something with his flow which is just great! I can never pinpoint exactly what it is about his delivery that I love, but I just think Kano is always on point. (BTW isn't Tigger Da Author an awful name?!)

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