Friday, 27 June 2014

Goldie - Timeless (Live with Heritage Orchestra)

Last Saturday I was at the Royal Festival for the live re-creation of Goldie's 1995 album "Timeless", in conjunction with the Heritage Orchestra. It was part of the Meltdown festival at the Southbank Centre, as curated by James Lavelle of Mo'Wax fame.

     The first thing thing I have got to say is that it was mind-blowing! Timeless itself is one of those albums that still sounds so fresh, even as it approaches its 20th anniversary. I mean if Inner City Life is dropped at a drum and bass rave it will still provoke a massive reaction. However to feel the power of the song re-created by a 3-man drum team (a main drummer, secondary drummer and a percussionist), an awesome vocalist, live instrumentation and an orchestra is something that I feel so privileged I was able to see in a live environment. This video is of surprisingly good quality, posted on YouTube by Miriam McGinty-Lowe, and lasts for 20 minutes. I am glad this is the clip posted, because this felt like the first moment the crowd lost themselves in the music, rather than be overwhelmed by the awesome sound and spectacle of the night. It was also the first time that Goldie came on-stage and when he did it added an extra dimension, because it truly felt as if he felt he just had to be right in the midst of the sound he had created. The joy and energy that he felt as he moved around on-stage was a sight to behold! So, check out the video and bring out the amazingness that is Goldie's album Timeless again!

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