Monday, 1 September 2014

Tricky - Adrian Thaws Album Stream (Keep Me In Your Shake)

On September 8th Bristol hip-hop legend Tricky will release his 11th studio album, which is called Adrian Thaws, which is actually his real name.In the press release on his website the album is described as “Consistent throughout Adrian Thaws is a brooding, searching spirit and a cinematic sense of atmosphere. Tricky’s cinema, to be sure, is noir and then some, but he also knows how to pan back every now and then for a widescreen fantasia.” Having listened to the album all the way through I would definitely say that this is the modus operandi of the album. The track "Keep Me In Your Shake", which features the vocals of German-Nigerian female singer Nneka, is my favourite track on the album. It's that track 4, and I must confess it's an album stopper! By that I mean you mean to listen to the whole album, then you get stuck on the one track! There is a great countryish sounding guitar sample that features through the track. It is taken from the beginning of Alice In Chains "Heaven Beside You". The riff features a cool string bend which sounds awesome here. Underneath the track are the dense atmospheric layers that Tricky's music has become synonymous with. It also features a brooding vocal accompanied by some gentle, but deep felt female vocals provided by Nneka. The title Adrian Thaws is really interesting. Tricky is one of those artists who you always feel like you know very little about, yet here he is giving an album the title of his real name. Anyway, I strongly encourage you to NPR and listen to the album throughly. Make a note of 10:24, as that is where "Keep Me In Your Shake Begins", but the whole album is sounding like the type of album you need to go back and keep discovering new layers to. "Adrian Thaws" album stream by NPR

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