Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Jess Glyne - Hold My Hand (MJ Cole Remix)

Jess Glyne is currently at number 1 in the UK charts with "Hold My Hand", but rather than the radio version, it's the MJ Cole remix of the track that is my favourite. The element that I like most about the track is the UK funky style drumbeat that is at the song's core. It features only a snippet of Jess Glyne's vocal and instead becomes a tune within it's own right. MJ Cole is a producer I have been a fan of ever since he was creating the best album to come out from the UK Garage scene, "Sincere", which was released in 2000. I think my main thrill from hearing this track is that MJ Cole can still create something that is soulfully amazing, but maintains a wonderfully danceable element to it. It feels like a long time since I heard a piece of UK Funky music, but I always think it is a sound which is so appropriate for the summer months and this remix is a great example of this.

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