Monday, 11 May 2015

Lil Silva - "Drumatic"

I am excited, super-excited about the new 3 track EP, "Drumatic", which was released yesterday (May 10th) on iTunes. The three tunes on the EP are "606", "New Squeeze" and my personal favourite "Drumatic". I think when I truly 100% get excited by a tune is when I hear it and I think to myself that is the exact sound that I would like to make and "Drumatic" is a precise example of that. Lil Silva has ventured to many different places sonically, with last years EP "Mabel" being the first one to prominently feature his vocals and be more of a slight sidestep into ambient EP territory. This is not the case on the new EP. All the tracks are really uptempo, do not feature vocals and are definitely more club-orientated get-up and dance tunes. On "Drumatic" it starts with this tribal sounding high-pitched call, followed by a synth-part that sounds more like something you'd find in a rave track. And that is where this tune is particularly interesting because there are elements of this track that incorporate that sound. The bpm of the tune is around 134bpm, which is on the slower side of the breakbeat hardcore. There is also a fierce sounding bass line which has a really strong impact by having a syncopated feel, with a pretty African-tinge to it. I love the way that it has those African and European elements to it.

When I think of Lil Silva's career so far, it is amazing that he can come up with music that touches on so many genres, but maintains a sound that is uniquely his. I'd love to see an album and what element he would focus on, but until then these snapshots are such a great snapshot every few months or so.

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