Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Years and Years - "King"

Years & Years are a 3-piece electronic act that are one of the most hyped new acts to grace the UK music scene in 2015. They won the prestigious BBC Sound of 2015 polll, which I think about is almost a guarantee of a chance of success, by the nature of the poll as it is compiled featuring the input of a significant number of people who will decide which records will be played in the forthcoming year.

The lead singer of the group is Olly Alexander and he is what propels the 3-piece into a particularly intriguing realm. His voice sounds very dramatic to me; it is relatively high for a male, but emotional and melancholy at the same time. On their latest track "King" another example is provided of this element to their music. Alexander was quoted in an interview with The Red Bulletin saying about the inspiration for his songs being melancholy; "For me that’s usually painful emotions or feeling like I’m not good enough."

  In "King" the lyrics seem to be pointing towards a relationship where the singer has come to the realisation that the relationship he is in may not have been as positive as he once believed it to be. The lyrics are full of the emotions of being under control and wanting to break free. Olly's soaring voice, backed by a sort of 90's Balearic tune, with pop sensibilities and melodies accompanies this perfectly.

It is the album that will be the true test of their longetivity. The UK has seen a number of acts in recent years use House-type beats and propelled them to the upper echelons of the charts, such as Disclosure, Secondcity and Route 94. Years & Years feel like a continuation of this, but with a greater leaning towards synth-pop and the fact they are fronted by a male singer, rather than producers, with a rotating cast of guest vocalists. "King" is due to be released on March 1st on Polydor.

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