Monday, 24 December 2012

BBC Sound of 2013 - Laura Mvula

With the new year fast approaching it is always with great anticipation that a music fan awaits the announcement of the annual Sound of poll as released by the BBC. Looking at the Sound of 2012 poll it is interesting to note the impact made by the winner, Michael Kiwanuka, the runner-up, Frank Ocean and number 4 Skrillex. I would not doubt that Azealia Banks has made an impact too, but the influence of Niki and the Dove hasn't really penetrated past the internet world. Skrillex (who came fourth) has had a significant influence with his records and his sound too. In fact at a Prodigy gig on Dec 18th that was all the warm-up DJ's seemed to be playing! The question that is always asked is that is this poll a reflection of all we are about to see in the forthcoming year, or a list of successful acts that become successful primarily because they will be listed on this prestigious poll?

In my opinion it is a bit of both. Because there are acts that will be launched in the fallow months of January and February that will be successful, but then there are acts that can be listed that will not ever release anything (Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong and Sadie Ama are the two names on the list that spring to my mind from previous polls). For me the most intriguing act in this year's list is Laura Mvula. Her songs sound like an orchestra of voices, with aspects of The Beach Boys in her sound. Check out her uniqueness...

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