Friday, 5 June 2015

Jesse James Solomon - "We Do"

Jesse James Solomon is a young MC who came out with an EP last year called "Jesse From SE". The best thing about it was the old-school sensibilities that could be found within the work, whether it is Jesse's laconic flow or chilled out production. He has returned with a track called "We Do", which feels like he has continued a progression that will one day see him crowned as one of the premier rappers in UK hip-hop. On the track Jesse is reminiscing about the days of his childhood and some of the antics that he used to get up to. But there is nothing sinister involved; it's just a laid-back reminiscing over getting bagels, playing football and having his Mum told that he needed to do better in school by teachers whom he thought were fine. In this era of what I call "council-estate rap" where various London youths make cheap YouTube videos around the council estates of London with wordplay intimating that they are eager to dish out some kind of violence, it's a refreshing outlook. The production work suits the vibe that Jesse is going for in an amazing way. There is a vocal sample that has been treated and sounds almost tribal in origin. Backed by a beat that begins with a ticking sound, that reminds me of the sands of time ticking away. The beat never rushes; it is almost like the beat is in no rush to arrive at it's destination, with a lilting feel tracking it all the way. For me personally it is interesting to hear Jesse reminisce about his adventures in school, as I was actually working in the school that he is remembering in his rhymes. He certainly was a talented footballer and the stoned flavour to his raps is no exaggeration! I remember there was a match in year 11, where I was managing and he was my most talented player. Then he got excluded from school a few days before a cup quarter-final for getting caught smoking weed in the toilets, throwing my tactical plans into chaos! However this is no misguided youth. He is an extremely positive person who I am glad to say I know and have been following his musical progress with interest. "We Do" is another example of the growth in this future hip-hop hero.

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