Saturday, 28 December 2013

Songs of 2013 - Disclosure - White Noise

This has been a great year for Disclosure, with a number 1 album, festival crowds going mental, awards galore and this brilliant single "White Noise". Disclosure's success has served as somewhat of an antidote to some of the predictable chart fare that has been thought of as Electronic Dance Music, with loud synths and predictable build-ups/breakdowns.

The slinky synth line, rising up and down the scale, is a great backbone to this tune. It feels like it constantly moving, propelling the tune along. Add to that the unique innocent vocals of Aluna Francis and the deep-house drums and bassline and you have a tune that's both sexy and anthemic. My personal favourite bit is the breakdown where Aluna's voice echoes saying "Back" and the bassline comes right to the forefront at 3:12 in.

I can't say that the video was what I was expecting, but there is something easily relatable about the security guard dancing in his own world with his headphones on. I know I have done this many times, especially to this track!

I saw Disclosure live in Brixton Academy in November and there was definitely a celebratory air to their performance. Both of them seemed ecstatic to be headlining a venue as historic as Brixton. They are coming back to London in February to play the even bigger venue of Alexandra Palace. It should be interesting to follow their progress over their years.

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