Sunday, 29 December 2013

Songs of 2013 - Fuse ODG - Antenna

As someone who works in London and has heard kids on London buses play stuff from their mobile phones I know Afrobeats songs are really popular at the moment. And there are a number of children of African parents who are re-connecting through music to their African roots. Fuse ODG is a British/Ghanaian who reached number 7 in the UK charts with "Antenna". And for a British artist of African origin to have chart success with a tune that mixes African elements with Euro-dance elements is a big statement of where Britain is as a nation.

I believe one of the key components of the success of Afrobeats is the tempo of the tunes is often found around the house tempo of 128bpm. For the listener it gives them a familiar template and for the DJ it means it can be mixed in easier. And with "Antenna" you have a typical African drum rhythm mixed with an Auto-tune vocal effect and Euro-style synths. There is a joyous energy to the song, minus the predictable 4x4 house beats that have been so much over the past few years.

Fuse ODG also had a hit in the UK with "Azonto", though that had been an underground hit the year before. I hope in 2014 we will see an album from him, which I'd really look forward to.

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